Jo Stuthridge

Workshop: 8 November 2019

Losing the Plot: Stories, self-development and script change

Berne used the term ‘script’ to describe the stories we create to organise and attribute meaning to our experience. Using a relational approach, this workshop will explore how these stories, written in the past emerge in the present through affect and interpersonal processes. We will take a brief tour of Freud, Berne, Bucci’s ideas about using images to decode an unconscious story. 


Change occurs when the story no longer seems to be true. Cracks begin to show, and the story falls apart. In short, we lose the plot – a process which can be painful and terrifying. Ultimately script change requires grappling with emotional realities, which at one time were too much to bear. 


 I am familiar with this process in myself and as a therapist but maybe we are all facing this moment, through the climate crisis? Perhaps the old story we told ourselves no longer holds true and we are facing a paradigm shift that demands an emotional response to motivate change. How do we each respond to these moments, personally, with clients or in relation to global change?

Jo Stuthridge

Jo Stuthridge MSc, NZAP is a Teaching and Supervising Transactional Analyst and a registered psychotherapist in New Zealand. She maintains a private psychotherapy practice in Dunedin and is director of the Physis Institute, which offers training in psychotherapy. She has published several articles and book chapters on transactional analysis. Jo is a teaching and research associate with the department of Psychotherapy and Counselling at Auckland University of Technology. She is also a current a co-editor for the Transactional Analysis Journal.