Rollo Browne

 Keynote: 8 November 2019

The Living Story and the Nature of Warm Up 

Who are we, if not our stories? If we have no place to tell our stories then we are in a real sense unseen. We can still live our stories, but we are poorer for the lack of audience. Recounting something that matters to us works best when there are others to ‘mirror’ back its meaning and worth. Stories create community and the possibility of encounter. 


In every arena of life, we all swim in a sea of stories, so much so as to not notice the one we are really living out. We can choose, though, to step out of that story to notice what we are really saying about ourselves - not just the preferred version in our minds, but the story that is embedded in our lived experience. Approaching and unearthing these stories requires ‘warm up’. This is a readiness to engage with what we are experiencing, what is alive. This keynote will explore the implications of living stories, how we warm up and how it affects the work we each do.

Rollo Browne

 Keynote: 9 November 2019

Rollo Browne is a Sociodramatist and TEP, and works at Psychodrama Australia, Sydney Campus. For many years he has applied Morenian methods in group dynamics, organisational development and community settings. The work is always to release the inherent spontaneity of the individual and the group so it can be applied to the situations where it is most needed.