Vicky Blake

Workshop: 9 November 2019

Presentations of Hate

I began a conversation about hate with my grandmother in 1975. In 2019, I returned to
explore my unfinished conversation after being confronted by the profoundly destructive
acts of hate expressed in the terrorist attacks on 15 March 2019 in Christchurch.


More recently the word ‘hate’ has been notably absent in psychotherapy literature yet lies within referenced terms such as terrorism, racism, misogyny, homophobia, abuse, trauma and projection to name a few.


Psychoanalytic theory provides a foundation for thinking about the origins of hate. Humanistic theory such as relational transactional analysis contributes  phenomenological reality to the experience of hate.


Hate is a bodily state often evoking deep terror, rage and anger, it is universal affecting individuals and groups.


In the dynamic process of hate, I will explore the unconscious aspects and relational possibilities to address the presence of hate within the therapeutic relationship.

Vicky Blake

Vicky Blake, PTSTA, B.N, is a registered psychotherapist who works in private practice in Christchurch, New Zealand.


She has worked as a health professional for over thirty years in hospital, community and private practice settings. Vicky is currently the New Zealand Association of Psychotherapists Honorary Treasurer and has been involved with NZAP at local branch level as Convenor of the Canterbury Branch.


Her published work includes her interest in sexuality and gender identity.