Rollo Browne

Workshop: 8 November 2019

The Stories We Live By

This is an experiential workshop focusing on the stories that underpin how we choose to be in the world. What story, or stories are the ones you actually live out? Some stories persist in the here-and-now even though we know they are no longer current. Other stories still have potency but we are somehow deaf to their wisdom.


Using the psychodramatic method we will set out and investigate key moments which point to a story that is embedded in your lived experience. What might that story be telling you? What choices become apparent as you notice what you are really saying about yourself.


Limit of 20 people

Rollo Browne

 Keynote: 9 November 2019

Rollo Browne is a Sociodramatist and TEP, and works at Psychodrama Australia, Sydney Campus. For many years he has applied Morenian methods in group dynamics, organisational development and community settings. The work is always to release the inherent spontaneity of the individual and the group so it can be applied to the situations where it is most needed.